Dayton Mechanical Is Available For All Your automotive Needs.We serve all of Liberty county, Houston and surrounding area with professional results and courtesy. With 24 years of experience, Dayton Mechanical is customer oriented and reliable. We are constantly improving our customer base to keep maintaining a solid reputation. All of our services are provided through our mobile service. If the work the individual needs requires an extended service slot then we will arrange pick up of the vehicle if required. Quotes are based on distance traveled, and we promise to keep your costs as low as possible. Please enjoy our site and remember that quality is a phone call away.

Call us at (936) 681-8482

Email us at , OR


Full custom stereo and sub installations upon request

Transmission fluidservice


Cold air intakes/ mods


Performance power adders

Body/suspension lifts

Lowering kits



Front end work/axels

Performance consultations

Custom exhaust packages/installations


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 Contact Us @ OR Call Us @ (936) 681-8482

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