Join our drive to better, enrich, and ultimately help the education of deserving children in our district.  30% of the children living in our county are in poverty. These children do not have access to a PC, Internet, or even a library. Our goal is to help guide these children in a direction that includes furthering their education. A good way to do this is providing access to equipment that will enable them to study, learn, and research available media and arts purveyed through educational resources. Laptops for kids can dramatically help in these areas. Please Email me with contact information, I would like to speak to anyone interested  in helping/willing to contribute for this righteous cause. Our future is held in our children's hands, the better they are educated, the better everyones future will be. Email me at WILLYOD@AOL.COM

 Helping us so far


Dori Yoder

Stephanie Amador

Milam Discount Tire

Lee's Wrecker

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